Unearthed Symbol Belt Buckle



The Round Unearthed Belt Buckle can be worn by women or men. Dressed up or down it pairs well with jeans or a dress. Its round shape is the symbol of eternity, a physical reminder of God’s eternal and infinite love. The “Unearthed Symbol,” was designed with an aged and weathered look representing the current state of Ephesus, the ancient city where I first discovered the “God” letters.

Historically significant this secret symbol of unity is created by layering the five “God” symbols one on top of the other.
These are the five Greek “God” letters:

IOTA First letter in the Greek word Iesous meaning Jesus
CHI First letter in the Greek word Christos meaning Anointed
THETA First letter in the Greek word Theou meaning God
UPSILON First letter in the Greek word Hulos -meaning Son
SIGMA First letter in the Greek word Sorer meaning Savior


  • Each piece of Stone Symbol Jewelry is handcrafted and proudly made in the USA
  • Available in Sterling Silver, Bronze, and Sterling Silver Antiqued
  • Size: 3″ in Height (77mm), 3″ in Width (77mm)
  • This is the Belt Buckle only, No belt is included

Additional information

Dimensions 77 × 77 mm

Sterling Silver, Sterling Silver Antiqued, Bronze


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