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When I was designing my jewelry for men, I wanted something that was genuinely masculine. It needed to showcase the Stone Symbol while representing that period in time. I imagine the Poet’s Ring telling a story of that ancient time, 2000 years ago. In my mind, I can see the Greek soldiers armed and waiting inside the trojan horse wearing this ring, feeling protected by a divine secret. A secret within the ring, one of love and unity, a reminder that God lives within us all.

The Men’s Poet’s Ring appears in the images above next to the smaller Ladies Poet’s Ring. Together the pair can be used as sacred wedding rings, an outward display of your union, and eternal devotion to God and each other.

Historically significant, this secret symbol of unity is created by layering the five “God” symbols one on top of the other.
These are the five Greek “God” letters:

IOTA First letter in the Greek word Iesous meaning Jesus
CHI First letter in the Greek word Christos meaning Anointed
THETA First letter in the Greek word Theou meaning God
UPSILON First letter in the Greek word Hulos -meaning Son
SIGMA First letter in the Greek word Sorer meaning Savior


  • Each piece of Stone Symbol Jewelry is handcrafted and proudly made in the USA
  • Available in 18K and 14K Yellow, Rose, or White gold, Sterling Silver Antiqued, and 18K Yellow or Rose Gold Plated
  • Size: .51″ in width (13mm)
  • Sizes: 10, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5, 13.5


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18K Yellow Gold, 18K White Gold, 18K Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14K White Gold, 14K Rose Gold, Sterling Silver Antiqued


10, 10.5, 11.5, 12.5, 13.5


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