Trinity Lariat Necklace with Diamonds



The Trinity Lariat Diamond Necklace looks stunning, caressing the neckline, and lays beautifully on one’s decollete. The large center Unearthed Symbol is .90″ in diameter and rests nicely between the collar bone. Ringed with 55 diamonds in a pave setting, the center symbol features a radiant 1k Diamond. The Trinity Diamond Necklace has the five Greek God letters each is .51″ in diameter on each side of the neckline with five additional symbols measuring .59″ in diameter that hang freely.

The wealth of ancient Ephesus was evident not only in the incredible architecture but also in the sheer size of the monuments built, affording the Ephesian women many outlets and events to display their jewels. I wanted to design jewelry to imagine the city’s women wearing while dressed in their finest attending an important event at one of the many impressive venues.  My goal was to embody the atmosphere and excitement of that time when Christianity was in its genesis. During this time, the Stone Symbol was similar to a secret handshake. I’m sure the Christian men and women of Ephesus would have loved wearing this secret symbol so they could identify and connect with others of the same beliefs more freely. The Trinity necklace is truly exquisite and is the definition of meaningful adornment.

Historically significant, this secret symbol of unity is created by layering the five “God” symbols on top of the other.
These are the five Greek “God” letters:

IOTA First letter in the Greek word Iesous meaning Jesus
CHI First letter in the Greek word Christos meaning Anointed
THETA First letter in the Greek word Theou meaning God
UPSILON First letter in the Greek word Hulos -meaning Son
SIGMA First letter in the Greek word Sorer meaning Savior


  • Specifically designed to allow your skin tone to radiate through reflecting your uniqueness
  • Each piece of Stone Symbol Jewelry is handcrafted and proudly made in the USA
  • 1k Diamond, Round Brilliant, Clarity S13, Polish and Symmetry is very good
  • 55 Perfect Diamonds (1mm ea) in Pave Setting
  • Chains and fasteners are made in Italy
  • Adjustable Clasp allows for adjusting the length
  • Available in  Sterling Silver
  • Size: 5.5″ drop length (140mm) from Center Unearthed Stone Symbol is .90″ Diameter (23mm), Ten Greek God letters .51″ in diameter (13mm ea), and Five Greek God letters .59″ in diameter (15mm ea)

Additional information

Dimensions 140 × 23 mm

18K Yellow Gold, 18k White Gold, 18k Rose Gold, 14K Yellow Gold, 14k White Gold, 14k Rose Gold


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